Hinge and wheel replacement

Our Hinge and Wheel Replacement Services

Garage door Hinges and Wheels do not break or need replacement often, but when they do you have a unique opportunity to take advantage of the situation.

Our Approach To Hinge and Wheel Replacement Services

Standard hinges and wheels can be noisy and clunky as well as energy inefficient. We offer hinges and wheels that actually actively work to protect your garage against the exterior elements by providing forward pressure to seal the door. This is great for when your garage is heated!

garage door hinge inspection

Our initial safety inspection and diagnosis is $75+tax and we go over all working parts of the garage door.

Why Choose Upstate Overhead Doors

At Upstate Overhead Doors, our goal is to focus on repairing and replacing overhead doors with premium quality parts with a special focus on energy efficiency and quiet operations to better serve your family and lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Usually it takes under an hour to replace a garage door hinge & wheel.

Our safety inspection and diagnosis cost $75+tax and the price of hinges and wheels depends on how many need to be replaced and what style and size.

25-Point Safety Inspection + Garage Door Lubing

Provided with every service call at no charge.

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Hinge and Wheel Replacement

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